The Indian Premier League is the professional cricket league of India, officially known as the Vivo Indian Premier League, named after its sponsor. 

The Indian Cricket Control Board founded the league on the initiative of Lalit Modi, the league’s first commissioner. Every year in April and May, ten teams from Indian cities compete against each other in the Twenty20 format.

The IPL is the most popular cricket league and one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Fun fact: In 2010, the IPL became the world’s first sports event in the series to be streamed live on YouTube.

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History of the IPL

To better understand the popularity of this sporting event, let’s delve deeper into the history of the league.

In 2007, Zee Entertainment Enterprises founded the Indian Cricket League, which is not recognized by either the International Cricket Council or the Cricket Control Council of India. 

To prevent players from joining the new league, the Cricket Control Board of India raised the prize money in their tournaments and banned their players for life from joining the league and disqualified those who violated the ban.

In the autumn of the same 2007, the Indian Cricket Control Board announced the launch of its own Twenty20 format team competition called the Indian Premier League, which was scheduled to start in April 2008.

Council Vice President Lalit Modi, speaking at a ceremony in New Delhi, said he was the inspiration behind the idea of the IPL and outlined the details of the tournament, including the format, prize money, franchise revenue system, and teams.

In order to form the teams, management made the unusual decision to hold an auction. The starting price of the franchise started at $400 million. As a result of the auction, the winning cities were chosen, in which the participating teams will be based.

These cities are:

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Calcutta
  • Mahali
  • Mumbai

Of course, the launch of a professional league under the auspices of the Cricket Control Board of India led to the closure of the Indian Cricket League after its second season.

The World Impact

Of course, such a major championship as the IPL has significantly influenced many aspects of the game and made its own adjustments to the lives of professional players.

The first thing to remember is the conditions for IPL players who have great financial guarantees, both while playing games and in retirement.

Also, the management of IPL offered unprecedented working conditions for foreign coaches, who, before the introduction of this proposition, were forced to stay away from their homeland for a long time. Therefore, some coaches are offered special perks, such as working only 6 weeks a year and taking care of the rest of the time with their families.

IPL in its format made cricket not just a sport, but a huge bright show that is not inferior to the famous Super Bowl in the USA. Artists, singers, and famous Bollywood actors consider it an honor to participate in IPL events.

The quality of cricket championships around the world is also growing inexorably thanks to the healthy competition with the IPL. Every year, the quality of the Indian teams is improving, which is an incentive for the opponents to play even better.

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