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BBL: Drama in the Melbourne derby as Adam Zampa’s attempt to run out the non-striker is turned down by TV umpire

Adam Zampa lands in controversy (Screengrab)

Melbourne Stars captain and leg-spinner Adam Zampa attempted to run out Melbourne Renegades batsman Tom Rogers during a Big Bash League (BBL) match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Tuesday, but the television umpire ruled against him, leaving Zampa stunned.

As Zampa finished his follow-through and prepared to deliver the ball to the batsman on strike, he turned to knock out Rogers’ bails, signalling the umpire to give the batsman out.

However, despite Zampa’s call, the umpire said that Zampa’s arm was past the “vertical” point where the ball is considered bowled. The decision was checked with the TV umpire, who returned with the same ruling, granting Rogers a reprieve.

The MCC’s Law 41.16 on this matter states that a bowler can attempt to run out the non-striker if he leaves his crease early.

“If the non-striker is out of his/her ground from the moment the ball comes into play to the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the bowler is permitted to attempt to run him/her out. Whether the attempt is successful or not, the ball shall not count as one in the over. If the bowler fails in an attempt to run out the non-striker, the umpire shall call and signal a ‘dead ball’ as soon as possible,” the law further states.

In Zampa’s case, he had completed his bowling action but had not released the ball. Rogers had barely left his crease, but he was not watching Zampa’s hand either. However, the TV umpire sided with the batsman, which was the correct call.

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