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India’s favorite, predicts Ravi Shastri

Former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri has voiced his confidence in the Indian team’s prospects of emerging victorious in the much-anticipated match between India and Pakistan during Asia Cup 2023. While acknowledging the narrowing gap between the two teams over the past several years, Shastri expressed his belief that India holds the edge as favorites in the battle of the Asian giants.

In a candid interview with ESPNcricinfo, Shastri shared his perspective on the approaching contest, highlighting India’s strengths and the evolving prowess of Pakistan’s cricketing outfit. He underscored that the Indian team, led by a seasoned captain with a profound understanding of the game’s nuances, enters the match with a well-rounded lineup, making them strong contenders for the win.

Shastri’s admiration for the Indian side, however, did not undermine his recognition of Pakistan’s commendable progress. He acknowledged that Pakistan had significantly narrowed the gap between the two teams, creating an environment of healthy competition. This, he believes, will add to the intensity of the clash, urging the Indian team to remain at the top of their game.

In high-pressure encounters like these, he emphasized the importance of maintaining composure and mental clarity. He shared his insights on handling the immense pressure associated with India-Pakistan matches, emphasizing that maintaining a calm and focused mindset is paramount to success. Shastri stressed that the ability to treat the game as just another fixture and not succumbing to overhyping is crucial for players to perform at their best.

Shastri further emphasized that the outcome of the match doesn’t solely hinge on current form. He cited the significance of mental toughness and resilience, asserting that players who may not have shone brightly in the recent past can rise to the occasion in a high-stakes encounter like the India-Pakistan clash. The contest, he believes, is about handling pressure, maintaining clarity in thought processes, and executing skills with precision.

Shastri also conveyed his anticipation for a thrilling spectacle as the two cricketing powerhouses take the field. He emphasized that the match would be a test of who handles the pressure better and maintains their calm under intense scrutiny.

The high-octane clash between these two cricket giants is set to take center stage today on September 2 at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium.

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