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Taking a look at Training Kits for all 10 Teams in IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most prominent cricketing events globally, with millions of fans following the matches every year. While the teams’ official jerseys play a crucial role in showcasing their identity, the training kits are equally essential for the players’ preparation and comfort.

Each IPL team has a distinct training kit that serves as an alternative to the official jerseys. The design of training kits often mirrors the teams’ color schemes and branding elements, albeit in a more subtle manner. Additionally, these kits are designed for maximum functionality, comfort, and performance during practice sessions, enabling players to focus on honing their skills without any distractions.

Training kits help maintain team identity and unity, while distinguishing the kits from the official jerseys used during matches

Training Kit by Team

Here’s a closer look at each team training kit while in training session

Chennai Super Kings Training Kit in Action

Mumbai Indians Training Kit

Gujarat Titans Training Kit

Kolkata Knight Riders Training Kit

Lucknow Super Giants

Mumbai Indians Training Session with new kit

Punjab Kings with new Training Kit on

Rajasthan Royals New Training Kit

Royal Challengers Bangalore Training Kit Photos

Sunrisers Hyderabad Training Kit in Action

IPL 2023 Teams and Players List Update

Chennai Super KingsCSK Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Delhi CapitalsDC Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Gujarat TitansGT Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Kolkata Knight RidersKKR Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Lucknow Super GiantsLSG Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Mumbai IndiansMI Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Punjab KingsPBKS Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Rajasthan RoyalsRR Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad
Sunrisers HyderabadSRH Team, Schedule, Match Dates & Squad

IPL T20 training kits play a vital role in the teams’ training regimens, providing players with the comfort and functionality necessary to excel in the high-pressure environment of the league. While they may not be as widely recognized as the official jerseys, these kits are an indispensable part of the players’ journey towards success on the field.

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