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“There are teams which are zooming past us and playing a different brand of cricket”: Dinesh Karthik assesses Team India’s performances in 2022

Rohit Sharma

Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik has expressed his concern over the state of Indian cricket in 2022, stating that the team has had a “very ordinary” year in both Test and T20 matches.

“I think it’s been a very ordinary year for Indian cricket. When it comes to Test matches, we had an opportunity against South Africa, which we let go, being 1-0 up. We blew our chances in Australia, I think that was not a good effort by India, considering how well they played the first Test match,” said Karthik.

Karthik cited India’s disappointing performances against South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, and England as examples of their struggles in Test cricket, and noted that the team has struggled in multi-nation tournaments such as the Asia Cup and World Cup in T20 cricket.

“Let’s talk about T20s, I think bilaterally India has had a very good year in T20 cricket. We’ve won many bilateral tournaments but in multi-nation tournaments, be it the Asia Cup or the World Cup, India was found abegging. That is a template that needs to change right from the top and the way we play our T20 cricket.

He added that some other teams are “zooming past” India with their new brand of T20 cricket, and that the Indian team needs to adapt and evolve in order to improve their performances.

“There are teams which are zooming past us and playing a different brand of cricket. Whereas, we are in many ways, stuck in a vortex with the old-school way rather than accepting the new way of playing T20 cricket,” Karthik added.

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