In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA has introduced a brand-new “75+ Player Pick Squad Building Challenge” that enables players to complete a single assignment and pick one of three Rare Gold players who are assured to have a rating greater than 75 overall. This will help you gain another way to get FIFA 23 coins.

A good approach to obtaining one of the special cards from the Winter Wildcards promotion that was made available following the World Cup is to complete the repeating challenge. Players typically like easy tasks that can be completed repeatedly for an opportunity to attain higher value cards in FIFA 23.

Here are instructions for finishing the challenge and a cost estimate for grinding the 75+ Player Pick SBC efficiently so that you can earn the most prizes in the upcoming three days.

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Players Can Now Grind the 75+ Player Pick SBC

Winter Wildcards content has inundated FIFA 23 with a variety of holiday-themed challenges, including valuable SBCs like the everyday upgrade challenge. The following minimum conditions must be met by players in order to finish the 75+ Player Pick Squad Building Challenge:

The number of players in the team: At least 6

The card quality in the squad: Absolutely Gold

The rewards: 1x 1 of 3 75+ Rare Gold Players (Untradeable)

The estimated cost: 2 000–3 000 FUT Coins for all platforms.

Even though a 78+ guarantee does not always imply that players have strong cards, the reality that they’ll be Rare and Gold indicates that the cards still stand a reasonable chance of making an impact on any FUT squad.

The moderately straightforward challenge has no chemistry or scoring requirements. Because there are no restrictions on the number of nationalities or leagues that could be employed to assemble the necessary team, it is one of the simpler SBCs.

According to the current market pricing, it would cost approximately 2,500 coins to assemble a squad from scratch. A team of six gold players must be assembled in order to finish the SBC. This really helps you save lots of money from buy coins on some FUT coins store

The wisest course of action here would be to use the cheapest Gold Cards available on the FIFA 23 transfer market. Regular players may finish the SBC without spending any coins if they have a surplus of Gold Cards and don’t even need to visit the market to purchase cards.

If they prefer to grind the tedious Squad Building Challenge, players can choose to fill squad positions by buying the cheapest cards on the market. There aren’t restrictions on the 400 coin Gold Cards, which are the least priced Gold Cards.

Costs can be reduced by using players from football-playing nations with less prestige and with less than 80 gold.

Players will be given a choice of three 75+ rare gold players to add to their squad each time the SBC is finished. The additional options give players a better chance to pack the cards they want to add to their teams, making the 75+ Player Pick SBC the must.