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World Cup Super League Points Table 2020 – 2023

World Cup Super League | Schedule | Points Table

Current and latest World Cup Super League Points Table 2020 – 2023 listing current team standings and rankings. The points table shows total wins, losses and points for all 13 teams participating in the Super League before the Cricket World Cup. Each team plays 8 bilateral series including 4 home and 4 away series. At the end of 2020, the top 8 teams based on the points table listed below will directly qualify for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

India, as the host, has qualified for the 2023 Cricket World Cup automatically. Other other top 7 teams will also qualify based on points gained in the table below. The bottom 5 teams will advance to 2022 Cricket World Cup qualifier as based on the points table rankings.

Latest World Cup Super League Points Table & Standings Today

Team M W L Pts RR Tie N/R
England 15 9 5 95 0.838 0 1
Bangladesh 12 8 4 80 0.322 0 0
Australia 9 6 3 60 0.633 0 0
West Indies 10 5 5 50 −0.824 0 0
India (Q) 9 5 4 49 −0.074 0 0
Ireland 16 4 10 48 −0.472 0 2
Sri Lanka 15 4 10 42 −0.305 0 1
Pakistan 9 4 5 40 −0.236 0 0
South Africa 10 3 5 39 −0.026 0 2
New Zealand 3 3 0 30 2.352 0 0
Afghanistan 3 3 0 30 0.527 0 0
Netherlands 4 2 1 25 −0.049 0 1
Zimbabwe 9 2 6 25 −0.785 0 1
Points table last updated: Jan 11/2022
Top 8 teams from the list will qualify for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. India has qualified automatically (as a host) while 7 other top teams from the points table will qualify as well. The bottom 5 teams will advance to 2022 Cricket World Cup qualifier as based on standings and points.
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Note: M » Matches Played, W » Won, L » Lost, T » Tied, NR » No Result, P » Points, RR » Run Rate

The tournament is a partial round-robin league and will be played over two years. Each team will play eight other opponents, four at home and four away. This means that a given team will not face all other opponents in their group, but all teams will play the same number of matches. Each series will consist of three ODI matches.

Points are awarded as follows:

Win – 10 points
Tie, No Result, or Abandoned – 5 points
Loss – 0 points

If a match is abandoned and the pitch and/or outfield is declared unfit by the ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process, then the match will be awarded to the visiting team.

A team that is behind the required over-rate at the end of a match will have one competition point deducted for each over it is behind.

*** Tied (where it was not possible to complete a Super Over at the end of play or where the Super Over itself is tied)

Series / Points Procedure

In the event that two or more teams have the same number of points, the following tie-breaking procedure is used:

  • The team that has won a greater number of matches will be placed higher.
  • If still equal, the team with the higher Net Run Rate will be placed higher.
  • If still equal, the team that is ranked in the higher position in the ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings on 1 July 2020 shall be placed higher.

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World Cup Super League Points Table FAQ

How are points awarded during the Super League?

After each match, the winning team is awarded 10 points while the lossing team gets no points. On the other hand, in case of a tie, no result or abandoned match, each team is awarded 5 points.

Based on Points Table, how many teams will qualify for ICC World Cup 2023?

The teams which end up in the top 8 positions of the ICC World Cup Super League points table will qualify for the World Cup 2023. The remaining 5 teams will compete in the ICC World Cup qualifiers with 5 other associate nations. Among which two top teams will qualify for the ICC World Cup 2023. Hence a total of 10 teams will be a part of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India.

How many teams are participating in World Cup Super League?

A total of 13 teams will participate in the event including:
1. India
2. Australia
3. England
4. New Zealand
5. Pakistan
6. Bangladesh
7. West Indies
8. Sri Lanka
9. Afghanistan
10. South Africa
11. Ireland
12. Zimbabwe
13. Netherlands