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“Hopefully, I didn’t change too much”: Cameron Green after becoming the 2nd most expensive player in the IPL 

Cameron Green was sold for 17.5 crores at the mini-auction

Australian all-rounder Cameron Green, who was recently acquired by the Mumbai Indians for INR 17.5 crore (approximately $2.4 million) in the Indian Premier League’s player auction, has expressed surprise at the high price tag. Despite being the second-most expensive purchase in the league’s history, the 23-year-old stated that he “didn’t do much” to deserve such a lucrative deal.

Despite his modesty, Green had an impressive week on the cricket field, taking his first five-wicket haul in a Test match against South Africa on Monday and helping dismiss the visitors for just 189 runs on the first day of the Boxing Day Test.

“To be fair, I think I didn’t do much to kind of earn that,” said Green.

“I just put my name into the auction, and it just happened. It doesn’t change who I am or how I think and all the confidence I have in my cricket. Hopefully, I didn’t change too much,” he added.

While Green acknowledges the importance of workload management as an all-rounder, he also emphasized the need to prioritize certain aspects of his game in order to excel both as a batsman and a bowler.

In the lead-up to the match, Green said he focuses on his batting, while on game days he gives more attention to his bowling.

“It’s tough if you’re trying to do both equally,” Green said. “You have to try and prioritize one of them because you’re going to put too much pressure on yourself if you try too hard at both.”

“I try to prioritise my batting in the weeks leading up to the game. Then on game day, you’ve hit plenty of balls that week, so it’s prioritising your bowling and getting your body right, backing all the training you’ve done prior,” said Green.

Despite the high price tag, Green maintains that it has not changed his perspective or confidence in his cricketing abilities. “Hopefully, I didn’t change too much,” he added.

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