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ICC propose a 6-team T20I competition for Men and Women in 2028 LA Olympics

The ICC is pushing for the inclusion of Cricket in the 2028 LA Olympics

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is pushing for cricket to be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, with a proposal for six-team T20 competitions for both men and women submitted to the Los Angeles Olympic Games Organizing Committee (LA28).

The ICC is currently exploring different tournament formats with LA28, and the final decision on whether cricket will be included in the Olympics will be made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in October.

T20 was chosen as the format for the proposed competition as it is considered to be the best option for the Olympics, as it is a world championship format, has a brief duration, and is known for its spectator engagement. The ICC has also recommended six-team competitions in order to minimize costs, as the IOC is looking to become more cost-effective in their events.

The IOC’s strategic plan, Olympic Agenda 2020 5, supports a number of high-profile events including LA28, and aims to simplify the venue master plan and decrease costs and complexity in each sport.

The inclusion of Jay Shah, the BCCI Secretary, in the ICC’s working group for the Olympics is also seen as a strategic move, as the IOC has identified India as a major market and Shah’s presence could potentially give negotiations for cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics a significant push.

The ICC’s proposal for cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics is not without controversy, as some critics argue that the limited number of teams proposed would exclude other countries from participating and that the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics would detract from the sport’s traditional international calendar. However, supporters of the proposal argue that the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics would help to increase the sport’s global reach and exposure.

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