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India vs Pakistan matches over-hyped, lack quality due to India’s dominance in ICC World Cups: Sourav Ganguly

The India vs Pakistan cricket match has always been surrounded by immense hype, but Sourav Ganguly pointed out that the quality of the contests has been lacking due to India’s consistent dominance. In all seven encounters between the two nations in the ODI World Cup, India has emerged victorious. Ganguly emphasized that while the rivalry remains significant, the India vs Australia clash offers a higher standard of cricket and a more compelling contest.

India did not play well in that tournament but according to me, India versus Australia tends to be a better game in the World Cup because the quality is better,” Sourav Ganguly told Star Sports.

“This Pakistan team is also good and the match will be good. Pakistan becomes a good team on flat wickets because their batters use those conditions well. They have fast bowlers who use the conditions”, he added.

Ganguly praised the quality of matches between India and Australia in the World Cup, highlighting the intense competition and skill displayed by both teams. The upcoming World Cup 2023 will witness India commencing their campaign against Australia on October 8 in Chennai. Ganguly’s remarks indicate that the clash between these cricketing powerhouses promises to be a thrilling and closely fought encounter.

Ganguly acknowledged that Pakistan also possesses a strong team and tends to excel on flat wickets, utilizing their batsmen and fast bowlers effectively. He emphasized the importance of conditions and the unpredictability of the game, recognizing that Pakistan has the potential to perform well in certain situations. However, Ganguly reiterated India’s historical dominance over Pakistan in World Cup matches, underlining India’s superior batting unit as a significant contributing factor.

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