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Most 100s Scored in Cricket World Cup 2023 (List of Top Batters with 100+ runs)

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Most 100s Scored in Cricket World Cup 2023 (List of Top Batters with 100+ runs)

Scoring a century in cricket is a significant achievement, and even more so when it’s done on the grand stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup. It’s a testament to the batsman’s skill, composure, and ability to perform under the weight of international expectations. Throughout the history of the World Cup, there have been numerous memorable centuries scored that have changed the course of matches and even the tournament itself. In this examination, we will delve into the illustrious careers of the batsmen who have scored the most centuries in the World Cup, setting records and carving their names into the annals of cricket history.

2023 Cricket World Cup Batters with Most 100s Scored List

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is all set to captivate the cricketing world with thrilling encounters and memorable performances. One of the highlights of any cricket match is a player scoring a century (100 runs), an achievement that not only establishes a player’s individual brilliance but often swings the match in their team’s favor. With the upcoming World Cup, fans eagerly anticipate which batsmen will rise to the occasion and score the most centuries. In this section, we will focus on those batsmen who, based on their recent form, reputation, and record in similar conditions, are likely to shine by scoring the most centuries in this tournament.

List of most 100s scorers in 2023 will be updated with score and real-time data once the ICC tournament begins:

Most 100s Scorers List in Cricket World Cup History

RG Sharma (IND)179781406
SR Tendulkar (IND)4522781526
KC Sangakkara (SL)3715321245
RT Ponting (AUS)461743140*5
DA Warner (AUS)189921784
SC Ganguly (IND)2110061834
AB de Villiers (SA)231207162*4
ME Waugh (AUS)2210041304
TM Dilshan (SL)271112161*4
DPMD Jayawardene (SL)401100115*4
S Dhawan (IND)105371373
Ramiz Raja (PAK)16700119*3

In the history of the ICC Cricket World Cup, the record for the most centuries (100s) scored by a player is held by Sachin Tendulkar of India, one of the greatest batsmen to ever play the sport. Tendulkar had scored 6 centuries in World Cup matches from 1992 to 2011.

Tendulkar’s first World Cup century came in 1996 against Kenya, and his final one was against South Africa in 2011. His highest score in a World Cup match is an unbeaten 152 against Namibia in 2003. Tendulkar’s centuries have come on various pitches and against a wide range of bowling attacks, underlining his adaptability and batting prowess.

His record of six centuries is a testament to his consistency and longevity in cricket’s biggest tournament. Tendulkar’s ability to score big hundreds at crucial moments is a key reason why he is the all-time leading run-scorer in World Cup history.

Following Tendulkar in the list of most centuries in World Cup history are Ricky Ponting of Australia and Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka, with 5 centuries each. Notably, Sangakkara’s centuries all came in the 2015 World Cup, which is a record for the most centuries by a player in a single World Cup tournament.

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